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Some of the comments received from "The River" fans:

I have just played it on my BBC Radio 2 show. I have great memories of dancing to this at The Warehouse in Liverpool. I lost my copy and have been trying to track it down.
You have to re release it!
Janice Long - Radio 2 (September 2008)

For the past 20 years I could still sing to myself "the river" and could clearly remember the rhythm and melody but it has taken me years of questions and months of internet investigations to discover King Trigger are responsible for the fab track!!!!

This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. During my club-going days in the early 80's -- perhaps 1982? -- it was played constantly at a number of bars in the Toronto area. But I've never heard it since.

A fantastic song that stands the test of time!

it's my favourite song EVER

Yes River is the most under appreciated song ever written. Great fan of it while I was at University and had it on cassette - now lost. I don't think I have ever actually met anyone else of my age who has heard it. What were they listening to?

damn right this was an under appreciated song, I was living by the River Cam at the time in Cambridge, perhaps not quite the sort of river depicted in the song, but always a great reminder of happy times for me and a great song too. Hope it gets re-released.

Re-release this song because its a classic


I have been a fan of this song since I was 17! I'm now 39!!!

Please "let it loose" on an unsuspecting younger generation.

Hey there re release this single King triggers the river song!

I've always been a huge fan of this track as have several of my friends from that era.

The song is pure genius

add my name to the growing hordes of almost 40 somethings who still think that their musical era was the best

Is there someone who knows how to send a fan-email to Trudi Baptiste, the most beutiful girl ever

Hot damn, been searching for this tune for YEARS! Heard it one afternoon after school way back, as someone on ITV played it..never even knew it's title. it *ROCKS*!

Release this to those uninitiated to the pleasure of the Jungle.

i have loved this song for 20 years but no-one ever plays it - NO-ONE ! EVER !!! Definitely needs a re-release !!!

I just can't get this song out of my head!! - it should've been huge in 82!!

I'm with the campaign, re-release it so it makes it easier to get hold of a copy!!

Release it and I'll buy one straight away!

Adored this song in the 80's and to my dismay it was gone as soon as it came......BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this song from the very first day I heard it,

I always quote it as one of my all time favourites, and mates just say “what”? Help me educate them by re-releasing INSTANTLY…